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Danielle offers Lash services on an appointment only basis; I am setting aside time specifically for you when you book an appointment. Providing the best possible service during your visit is my priority. I respect your time and ask the same of you.  A minimum 24 hours notice must be given to reschedule or cancel appointments.  Not showing for your scheduled appointment will result in 100% of the service charge, A credit card will be required to secure an appointment. The deposit (50%) is applied at the time of your service; by agreeing to our booking/cancellation policy, you authorize Salon Bella Sorella to charge your credit card on file per booking fee and cancellation policy. Any gift certificates being used for this service will be applied to this cancellation charge before being applied to your credit card on file. Any service prepaid will be voided. 

As a courtesy to our clients, Salon Bella Sorella will send reminders 2 days before your scheduled appointment. 

Some Important info you should know about Eyelash Extensions and your service

On average each eye has 90-120 natural lashes

Lash Shedding: Each eye naturally sheds 2-5 lashes per day

You will be here a while. This is meant to be a quiet, relaxing experience. I even encourage a little snooze if you're able! 

 Therefore I have a few rules I need you to play by....

1. No Talking- it is very important once the pads are in place and your service has begun that you do not talk and lie completely still. 

2No Cell Phones- Please turn your ringer off and put your phone away during services. This minimizes potential hazards and distractions when performing crucial eye services involving adhesives and very sharp tweezers.  

3. No Children-  It is crucial that you remain still and quiet during your lashing service. Bringing young children that need supervision will forfeit your appointment, resulting in a 100% charge. 

Tips for Long Lasting Lashes

You've just paid a lot for those gorgeous lashes! So why wouldn't you take care of them? 


For 24 hours. This means sweat, mist, humidity...basically any type of moisture you can think of. Avoid it for 24 hours. So make sure you take your shower and wash your face BEFORE you come to your appointment. 


If you are coming from work, etc, I understand. 

I just want you to understand that I will be removing it. 

 3. High-Heat is a No-No:

When applied correctly, your lash extensions are sturdy and resilient, but high heat can take even the best-applied lashes down. Don’t point your blow dryer in the direction of your lashes. The heat will straighten out and distort them. Likewise, avoid exposing your lashes to high-heat cooking. In other words, don’t stand in front of that pot of boiling water or open the oven door! Relaxing in the sun by the pool or beach? No problem, of course!

4. Keep Them Clean:

Your lashes, both real and extensions, collect environmental pollutants, such as dust, chlorine and salt water. To keep eyelashes clean and fresh, I recommend an oil-free cleanser specially formulated for use with all lashes and extensions. Your beautiful lashes will be clean and healthy without irritating, harming, or reducing eyelash extension bond. For best results, spray the lash cleanser onto a micro-brush. With closed eyes, gently apply to base of lashes using downward strokes, softly sweeping across lashes. Follow with a gentle water rinse and then let your lashes dry naturally. This will protect your lashes from eye makeup or eye shadow that may get dusted onto your lashes.

After washing them, or any other time, if you see that your lashes are not straight, 

brush through them gently with a mascara wand. You should be brushing your lashes every day.

5. Use Oil-Free Makeup and Removers:

The oils in many makeup and remover products are the worst enemy of your lashes. 

The oil breaks down the adhesive causing premature lash loss. Lucky for you there are oil free options for you to use.

I don't recommend mascara, but if you choose to apply mascara, similarly, use an “extension safe” mascara option.

6. Seal the Deal with a Protective Coating Sealant: 

Sealants  are thinner than mascara, and when you apply a light coat over your extensions, they help to seal and protect lashes from dust and chlorine. 

I suggest using a coating sealant on your lash extensions once a week, after cleaning your lashes with an eyelash extension shampoo. 

7. Handle With Care:

Yes they are new and fun, but your extensions are not a toy! Your natural lashes have their own cycle and shed naturally, so AVOID rough handling such as RUBBING and PULLING which can remove your natural lashes and the extensions. 

NEVER be tempted to pick or remove extensions yourself. ALWAYS consult your technician for help.

You can even help out your lash longevity when you sleep. By sleeping on your back or side, you can minimize the pressure on your lashes.

8. Satin Pillowcase:

Speaking of loving your lashes while you sleep, using a satin pillowcase can help you maintain your lashes. Not only do satin pillow cases look and feel luxurious, the silky smooth fabric reduces friction which in turn helps keep your lashes in place (studies have shown that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help eliminate hair loss and breakage). So avoid cotton pillowcases and splash out on satin, which gives the added benefit of a “cool touch,” perfect for those warm summer nights!

9. Ditch the Crimp Curler:

While standard crimp style eyelash curlers might give your natural lashes the extra curl that you desire, they are not suitable for use with eyelash extensions. Do not use. Simple! If you want a curled look, be sure to ask your eyelash artist who can suggest curled lash options to suit you.

If you need ongoing curling, in place of a traditional curler, try using a heater brush curler designed specifically for use with extensions such as the Eyecurl II. The heated curler uses just the right amount of heat so as to not damage lashes, so it can be used safely to keep your lashes curled and separated.

8. Schedule a Fill:

This is Extremely Important. To keep lashes gorgeous throughout, follow your natural eyelash growth cycle and keep up with a fill every two to three weeks. I suggest you pre-book your fills before you leave to ensure you get the appointment most convenient for you.

 Yes, eyelash extensions do require maintenance, so please be prepared for the upkeep. This is a super important part of your  After Care regime.

Still wondering if you should get those lashes done? Go for it!!